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What are the specific testing items for new energy vehicles?
date:2022-03-18 popularity:11 Collection

The core components of pure electric vehicles are batteries, motors and power systems, and the main maintenance items are also carried out around these three components. Followed by maintenance of braking system, chassis inspection, light inspection, tire inspection and other items. The first task is that the component that needs frequent maintenance is of course the power battery pack. The importance of the power battery pack to new energy vehicles is also self-evident. Car owners and friends of new energy vehicles need to regularly maintain the condition of the power battery pack to prevent the power battery pack from running out of power, and also need to pay attention to eliminate potential safety hazards.

Then there is the motor, which is a key component for driving new energy vehicles. Like traditional fuel vehicles, the motors of new energy vehicles also need to be regularly replaced with coolant; then circuit testing is required. Compared with the circuits of fuel vehicles, the circuits of new energy vehicles are much more complicated, and at the same time the voltage must be much higher. For our safety, we need to regularly maintain whether the joints are loose, whether the lines are aging, and so on. Finally, in addition to testing the three-electric system of new energy vehicles, we also need to test common wearing parts such as brake pads, tires and wipers of new energy vehicles. For example, check whether the tire pressure is normal, whether the brake pads are aging, etc., you must not be negligent.

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