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What equipment is required for charging pile detection?
date:2022-03-19 popularity:15 Collection

The charging pile detection is mainly divided into two directions, one is the detection item of electrical parameters, and the other is the detection item of compatibility.

1. Charging pile compatibility testing project

When charging, to ensure that the connection between the charging plug and the interface is safe and charging is normal, a compatibility test is required. The compatibility test is divided into charging interface compatibility test, charging control compatibility test and charging communication compatibility test.

2. Charging pile electrical parameter testing project

To achieve stable charging, it is necessary to ensure that the output voltage, current and accuracy meet the requirements and meet the rated standard for charging the car. For example, the output test of the charging pile is mainly aimed at the unification of the standards of output voltage, current and accuracy. There are also safety requirements tests, which mainly include unified regulations for items such as output overvoltage, input undervoltage, and emergency stop.

3. Other test items

In addition to the above two charging pile detection methods, there are other charging pile detection methods, such as mechanical strength test, noise test, environmental test and other safety test tests.

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