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How to make explosion-proof batteries
date:2022-03-19 popularity:9 Collection

Generally, there are anti-riot holes in the battery.

The following focuses on a mobile phone battery explosion-proof strategy

How to identify inferior mobile phone batteries?

1. Buy mobile phone batteries from regular business units as much as possible, and ask the merchant to issue an invoice marked with the brand, model and serial number of the battery when purchasing. In this way, once the purchased battery is found to be a counterfeit product, it can be negotiated and resolved with the relevant departments accordingly.

2. The product identification of domestic batteries should clearly indicate the factory name, factory address and battery name, model, rated capacity, rated voltage, production date, warning signs, etc. in Chinese. If the product logo does not meet the standards, you'd better not buy such a mobile phone battery.

3. Check whether there is the manufacturer's anti-counterfeiting label on the mobile phone battery. For example, the brand name hidden obliquely under the sticker is the trick. Clear and flawless is the original product; dull and tarnished is a counterfeit product. If you look closely, you may also find the name of the manufacturer. For example, for Motorola batteries, its anti-counterfeiting trademark is in the shape of a diamond, and no matter from any angle, it can flash with a three-dimensional effect, and if the printing is clear, it is genuine. On the contrary, once the color is dim, the three-dimensional sense is insufficient, and the words are blurred, it may be a fake.

4. Each original battery has a unique product serial number, that is to say, if you find several batteries marked with the same serial number when you choose a battery, you can conclude that these products are fake.

5. The original Ni-MH battery plastic lamination mold is precise, and it is a one-time molding, the appearance is neat, there is no burr, and there should be no opening marks on the edge of the battery.

6. The use time of lithium-ion battery is about 1.5 times of that of nickel-hydrogen battery and about 3.0 times of that of nickel-cadmium battery after being fully charged. Therefore, with the same battery capacity, lithium-ion batteries are smaller and lighter than nickel-metal hydride batteries.

7. Observe the packaging to distinguish authenticity. All original parts are packaged in a one-time seal with heat-sealing technology, while non-original parts usually have no packaging or only simple packaging.

8. Look at the plastic surface and plastic material. The anti-wear surface of the genuine battery is uniform, and it is made of PC material, which is not brittle;

  9. The shell material of the original battery is sturdy and not easy to be damaged, and it is difficult to open the battery by general means. For the original battery, its surface color and texture are clear, uniform, clean, without obvious scratches and damage

10. The color of the metal contacts of the battery may be different. The metal contacts of the original battery are darker, and the metal contacts of the counterfeit battery are lighter. And the metal contacts of the original battery do not reflect light. This can be seen in the light, and the counterfeit battery has a high degree of reflection.

11. After installing the phone, you can see how well it matches the phone. The original battery and the fuselage fit very well, and the color is basically the same as that of the phone.

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