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Selection method of battery extrusion tester
date:2022-03-19 popularity:17 Collection

The standards of batteries are springing up like mushrooms. The extrusion requirements and functions required by many standards are different. Now our company has developed extruders suitable for various standards: temperature-controlled extrusion testers, automobile power battery extrusion machines. Pressure testing machine, lithium battery extrusion testing machine, these three basically can cover all the current standards, how to judge and better choice?

1. Judging the type of extruder used according to the battery type:

(1) Automobile power batteries are generally used for automobile power battery extrusion testing machines or computer-based battery extrusion testing machines. Because automobile power batteries are under relatively high pressure, and the standard requires the battery to be compressed to 85% of its original size for a period of time. It is compressed to 50% of the original size, generally according to the two standards of table QC744/QC743, and is now widely used. It is a new type of high-end equipment with higher safety performance.

(2) Mobile phone batteries and lithium batteries generally use ordinary battery extrusion testing machines, which require a pressure of 13KN. Generally, the standards that are met are: SJ/T11169-1998, UL1642-2007SJ/T11170-1998, UL2054, MH/T1020- 2007, UN38, GB/T18287-2000, GB/T18287-200X, YD1268-2003, QB/T2502-2000, SJ/TXXXX-200X, IEC62281-2004

(3) Cell batteries, some cell batteries need to be squeezed at a certain temperature, so there is a temperature-controlled squeeze test machine.

2. Select the corresponding equipment according to the standard requirements;

3. If the standard still can not help the judgment, you can send the battery back to our company first, and judge which battery should be more suitable through the test.

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