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How to maintain the battery extrusion tester?
date:2022-03-19 popularity:17 Collection

1. First of all, the operator of the battery extrusion testing machine must thoroughly read the operating procedures and the operating instructions of the equipment, and keep them properly.

2. The battery extrusion testing machine must be grounded when installed, stable, not tilted, and not shaken.

3. Use a dry cotton cloth to clean the external dust of the battery extrusion tester on a daily basis.

4. To control the ambient temperature, temperature, continuous working time, power supply voltage, etc. of the battery extrusion tester.

5. The battery extrusion tester should be protected from moisture, dust and corrosion, and should be covered with a dust-proof cloth when not in use for a long time.

6. Regular inspections are required to ensure that the equipment, instruments and accessories are complete.

7. Regularly conduct power-on inspections on the battery extrusion tester. Once smoke, flashover, and peculiar smell are found, immediately cut off the power supply and report to the management personnel to prevent damage to the instrument.

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