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The requirements for computers in the testing machine industry are also increasing
date:2022-03-19 popularity:18 Collection

The technical level of the testing machine represents the industrial level of a country. In the past two decades, the rapid development of China's economy has put forward higher and higher requirements for the testing machine industry, especially after China's entry into the WTO, the domestic and foreign import and export volume A large increase is particularly important for the quality control of import and export commodities. China's testing machine industry must improve its technical level to meet the requirements of a large number of product quality tests and quality control. Therefore, the requirements for computers in the testing machine industry are also increasing day by day.

The change brought about by computers entering the field of material testing machines is a revolutionary change. Now it is difficult for us to see material testing machines without computers. The material testing machines of construction quality inspection stations in various places not only realize computer data measurement , and realizes the computer network control, so almost completely eliminates the possibility of people working fake events in the process of building materials testing. The entry of computers into the field of testing machines has also greatly improved the measurement accuracy of the testing machines, making it easy to achieve a measurement accuracy of 0.5%, which was difficult to achieve in the past; in addition, the work intensity of the testing personnel has been significantly reduced, and the staff no longer need to record the original data, Then a large number of calculations are carried out to obtain the test results, and the computer directly outputs the calculated results and test reports.

We can see that in the field of testing machines, computers are mainly used in two aspects.

1. Complete the automatic measurement and control of the entire test process. Each test machine is equipped with a computer. The computer mainly completes the data acquisition, transmission, feedback, analysis and display of the test process, and directly prints the complete test report. The test procedure can also be stored for later analysis, etc.

2. Realize the network system management of laboratory or testing center. The computer can not only complete the automatic measurement and control of the test process alone, but also transmit the test results in real time within a range through networking. For example, the National Cement Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Station requires each cement plant to transmit its test data to the whole country in real time. The cement product quality supervision and inspection station requires a large number of computers as servers in the entire network, as well as computer terminals for real-time supervision and inspection by leaders at all levels.

Due to the particularity of the industry, the testing machine is also a measuring and testing instrument, which has special requirements for the computer. Due to the accuracy and reliability of the materials used for testing, they must have sufficient accuracy and reliability. For example, a large number of new materials need to be used in the development of the "Long March 2" rocket. After the material testing machine is tested, and it is an uninterrupted test for eight hours a day, it puts forward high requirements for the product quality and after-sales service of the material testing machine manufacturer. As an integral part of the testing machine, the computer will also face With the ultra-high requirements of after-sales service, for example, the microcomputer-controlled pipe pressure blasting test machine requires a full year of shutdown when doing the 8760 test. In addition, under normal circumstances, there are many laboratory equipment, and there are strong magnetic fields and electric fields on site. , and even more dust, requiring the computer not only to be able to work for a long time, but also to be able to have a high ability to resist external interference.

The material testing machine industry is a huge computer sales market. The annual sales volume of material testing machines in China reaches nearly 10,000 units (sets). Together with network support, it means that about 15,000 computers need to be sold each year. Right and left, if you go to the Engineering Quality Inspection Center to take a look, it is not difficult to understand the large number of computers in the testing machine application industry, which are directly matched with the testing machine and tested.

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