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My country's new energy power generation exceeds 1 trillion kilowatt-hours for the first time this year
date:2022-03-19 popularity:14 Collection

The reporter recently learned from the National Energy Administration: my country's new energy power generation reached 1,035.57 billion kWh, exceeding 1 trillion kWh for the first time, a year-on-year increase of 32.97%, accounting for 13.8% of the country's total electricity consumption, a year-on-year increase of 2.14 percentage points . 1,035.57 billion kWh, which is basically equivalent to the national electricity consumption data of urban and rural residents in the same period of this year.

      The national wind power generation, solar power generation and biomass power generation reached 586.67 billion kWh, 300.9 billion kWh and 148 billion kWh respectively, up 40.8%, 24.3% and 23.4% year-on-year respectively. contribution continues to increase. At the same time, new progress has been made in new energy consumption, with wind power and photovoltaic utilization rates reaching 96.9% and 97.9% respectively.

      According to reports, the cumulative installed capacity of wind power and solar power in my country ranks first in the world, and the installed capacity of offshore wind power ranks first in the world this year.

      According to the National Energy Administration, in 2022, it is necessary to promote the development and consumption of wind power and photovoltaics in the eastern, central and southern regions, actively promote the cluster development of offshore wind power and the development of wind power photovoltaic bases in the "Three North" regions, and focus on desert, Gobi, and desert wind power photovoltaic bases. building. In addition, we must actively and steadily develop hydropower, and approve the start of a number of major engineering projects. Promote the development and utilization of biomass energy in an orderly manner.

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